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    • Porcelain mug to create the perfect lather
    • Ridged bottom and knob handle for non-slip grip help you whip up a great froth
    • Classic cream color looks great with any decor

    The art of the perfect classic shave often means working with the right tools: an exceptional soap, a quality brush, a right-for-you-razor and blade. But have you considered the perfect mug to complete your grooming routine? This cream apothecary mug from West Coast Shaving is the right companion for your manly ritual.

    The cream color is reminiscent of bygone days when wet shaving was a daily right-of-passage for men, young and old. It works just as good as it looks. The ridges along the bottom allow it to aid the brush in whipping up just the right froth. And since it is made from porcelain you can warm it with water and it will hold the heat during your shave. Just imagine the luxury of warm lather on your face during multiple passes of the the blade. The knob-shaped handle gives you the grip you need, even if you hands get wet or slippery.

    Treat yourself to this quality grooming receptacle.

    Size: Fits Up to 100g Shaving PucksTop width: 4.5 inchesBottom width: 3.25 inches (approximately)

    Made in China

  • SKU: OP-WCS-042
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Bowl

Apothecary Shaving Mug, Cream

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