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  • Safety Razor kit from West Coast Shaving
  • Midnight Collection Razor, soap, brush and blade pack
  • Black option for an elegant look

If you love the stark contrast of white lather against black grooming utensils, then read on! Right here in this kit we've got everything you need to build your perfect shave. When you want a set ready to go, this is a great look. This kit currently comes with

WCS Midnight Collection closed comb Razor, 78B

Choice Blade Sampler Pack

WCS Beacon Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Black

WCS Duck Fat Soap, 5oz in Pear-brrr Shoppe

*Some items have an additional cost and can be purchased separately ex; Bowl, Stand and After Shave Sample Pack.

  • SKU: KT-WCS-072-1
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Wet Shaving Kits

Black Safety Razor Set

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