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  • Burleigh bowl from Middleport Pottery, the heart of British ceramics
  • Simple and elegant
  • Update: no longer stamped with royal warrants on the inside

D.R. Harris (renowned grooming company for over two centuries) teamed up with Burleigh (pottery makers for over a century) to bring you a shaving essential generations old. That's a lot of history right there! If you love the wet shaving experience for the history and tradition, as well as the exceptional skin care and "me" time, then you need to take a look at D.R. Harris Earthenware Shaving Lather Bowl. Made at Middleport Pottery in Stokes-on-Trent, this bowl evokes Victorian charm and British practicality.

The heart of the British ceramics industry, the factory was recently renovated to keep the best of hand-crafted, centuries old practices in a new world economy.

This simple vessel is perfect for slipping in a puck of hard soap and lathering away. It keeps your soap in one place for multiple passes and reduces loss due to rinsing. If you submerge it in hot water before use, the ceramic holds the heat to give you a warm lather, pass after pass.

This attractive, elegant bowl can easily be left on your bathroom counter for ease of use. It is stamped with the D.R. Harris logo on the outside.

Bring a little class to your shaving den and history to your grooming routine. Product includes bowl only. Shaving brush not included and is shown for demonstration purposes only.

Size: Diameter: 12.5cm x Depth 6.5cm

Made in England

  • SKU: OP-DRH-920500
  • Brand: D.R. Harris
  • Type: Shaving Bowl

D.R. Harris Earthenware Shaving Lather Bowl

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