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For aficionados of classic men's grooming, Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange Aftershave offers a delightful twist on the timeless favorite. Originating from the rich history of bay rum's popularity among 17th-century pirates, 19th-century cowboys, and 20th-century gentlemen, this aftershave brings a refreshing citrusy twist to the traditional spicy aroma. Crafted by Ogallala Bay Rum, renowned for their sensory-rich grooming products, this aftershave captures the essence of adventure and rugged charm.

With its roots in the dusty trails of 19th-century cattle herding, Ogallala, Nebraska, witnessed the longing of weary cowboys for relief from weeks of grime and sweat. The Ogallala brand of bay rum became a cherished indulgence, offering a respite from the toils of the trail. Resurrected by Ogallala Bay Rum, this classic scent now graces modern gentlemen, providing a revitalizing and invigorating experience post-shave. Infused with witch hazel, alcohol, water, and oil of bay, this aftershave delivers a skin-tightening, cleansing, and soothing sensation, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after each use. Encased in a distinctive blue bottle, the 8oz formulation ensures ample supply for your grooming regimen, while a 4oz option allows for convenient sampling before committing to the full-sized bottle.

  • SKU: AS-OGA-016
  • Brand: Ogallala Bay Rum
  • Type: After Shave

Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange Aftershave, 8oz

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