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  • Classic shaving brush from Omega
  • Loaded with pure bristle boar
  • Plastic, retro look handle

From four generations of brush makers comes Omega 10066 Boar Shaving Brush. This family-owned business in Italy has been making brushes since WWII. With high quality materials and exceptional manufacturing, they have made a name for themselves the world over. They produce a plethora of amazing brushes, but check out their boar option in this brush.

It has the distinctive cream boar bristles which are "scritchier" than badger. This makes them great for exfoliating the skin, raising the whiskers, and whipping up a load of lather on a soap. Some wet shavers, especially with coarse facial hair, prefer this type of head.

The handle is a cream plastic with a black band that contrasts nicely with the bristles. It has a bit of a retro feel for those looking for the throw-back look. And it has Pura Setola (pure bristle) stamped right on it. The Omega 10066 boar bristle shaving brush is a nice brush for the budget minded wet shaver. Grab one and see what you think!

  • Total Height: 106 mm
  • Loft: 56mm
  • Knot: 24mm

Made in Italy

  • SKU: SB-OME-10066
  • Brand: Omega
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Omega 10066 Boar Shaving Brush

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