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Pinaud Clubman Musk After Shave Lotion is a bit heavier than their other aftershaves, having the added punch that the namesake scent adds to it. This makes it a great option for people who want something a bit less floral than some of their other offerings and who want something that is really very manly.

The purpose of an aftershave, of course, is to tone the skin, soothe it, and prevent irritation from erupting due to using a razor. In those regards, this performs marvelously. It has a very noticeable, bracing sensation to it, and people who crave that should be more than happy with what this offers.

It's also a good option for guys who want to make certain they have some kind of a fragrance but who don't want to use something quite as strong as a cologne. If you really do like the way products like this smell, for some guys it's not even necessary to put on anything more than this if you're going out. In these cases, getting options like this one and ones with citrusy, floral, and other characters to them can be a great way to have plenty of choices in the morning when you're going out for the day.

Size: 6 oz

Made in the USA.

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: This product contains alcohol, which is potentially hazardous for shipping. We cannot ship it outside of the contiguous USA. If you are an international customer, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped. If you are a customer in the contiguous USA, your order will ship via ground regardless of the delivery option selected.

  • SKU: AS-CLU-405000
  • Brand: Pinaud Clubman
  • Type: After Shave

Pinaud Clubman Musk After Shave Lotion

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