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  • Classic straight razor
  • Carbon steel, 6/8‚ blade
  • Wenge wood scales

If it says Boker, it says a lot. This company has been in the business of crafting blades for 150years. Based in the Solignen region of Germany with its renowned blade makers, Boker is bringing you the best.

Boker's line of ‚Celebrated‚ razors first made an appearance in 1906. These blades are beautiful, simple lines with fabulous wood scales. The carbon steel blade is an ample 6/8‚ with a straight spine and a square point. The unadorned blade is polished to a high shine without etchings. It is ground to an extra hollow grind with a ridge. Choose to get your blade as is (not honed) or sharpened by our honemeister (honed) from the drop-down menu.

The stunning handle is made from fine African Wenge wood. With its dark wood and fine grain, this handle will never go out of style.

Size: 6/8‚

Made in Germany

  • SKU: SR-BOK-140534
  • Brand: Boker
  • Type: Straight Razor

Boker 6/8" The Celebrated Wenge Straight Razor

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