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  • Sample pack of safety razor blades
  • Variety of popular blade
  • Pack includes 12 brands

West Coast Shaving got its start in a two-bedroom condo in southern California making sample packs of razor blades just like this one. Knowing that part of getting a great shave is finding the right blade, the founder of WCS began packaging some of the most popular blades into packs so wet shavers could easily acquire, compare, and decide.

This Evolution pack contains all-star such as Astra, Sharp, Treet, Wilkinson and more. You will get a box of 5 individually wrapped blades of each brand. We suggest shaving with one blade and then moving on to the next, taking notes and eliminating as you go. Try each blade once before going back and trying one again.

This sample pack contains:

  • 7AM Plus Hi Platinum Durabla
  • ASCO Super Stainless Orange
  • Astra Superior Stainless (Blue)
  • Big Ben Stainless Steel
  • Crown Super Stainless
  • Lord Racer Super Stainless - Black
  • SHARP Stainless Steel
  • Silver Star Super Stainless
  • SuperMax Super Stainless Steel
  • Lord Racer - Blue or Treet Yellow Dura Sharp
  • Wilkinson Sword (4 Swords + 1 bonus Black Ninja)
  • Zorrick Super Stainless

  • SKU: RB-SAM-008
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Razor Blades

DE Blade Sampler Pack, Evolution

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