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The DE Blade Sample pack, Extended. This pack provides a convenient way to sample the most popular DE razor blades to find your favorite. The Extended Pack contains all of our most popular blades.

Includes the following blades:

  • Merkur Super Platinum (10 blades)
  • Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum (10 blades)
  • Wilkinson Double Edge (5 Pack)
  • Derby Extra (5 blades) or Gillette Super Platinum Blade Pack
  • Astra Superior Platinum (5 blades)
  • BIC Chrome Platinum (5 blades)
  • DORCO Platinum ST-300 (10 blades)
  • Red Pack Israeli (5 blades)

  • Note: The photo shown is not currently accurate.

    • SKU: RB-SAM-002
    • Brand: West Coast Shaving
    • Type: Sample Packs

    DE Blade Sampler Pack, Extended

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