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The new "extra grip" line of Edwin Jagger double edge razors is an innovation in design. The knurled handle of this particular design contains an elegant diamond-shaped, criss-cross pattern, which is handsome in its chrome plated brass finish and designed to withstand rust. Not only does this piece look great on display, it is also highly functional, providing enhanced grip for wet and soapy hands. This is not going to slip easily.

The precision head, featured throughout the whole range of Edwin Jagger DE razors, is weighted and balanced perfectly to give you the closest shave with the least amount of irritation every time. It's no wonder it is a favorite among experienced and beginning wet shavers alike. The blade head is closed comb and finished with a beautiful chrome plate. This product has been assembled by hand in the Edwin Jagger factory in England and ships with one Feather blade.

Length: 3.7 inches

Weight: 71 grams

Made in England.

  • Brand: Edwin Jagger
  • Type: Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome

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