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  • Classic aftershave splash
  • Alcohol splash with witch hazel for moisturizing and soothing
  • Scented with classic bay rum and a masculine hint of sandalwood

From sailors to pirates, from cowboys to ruffians, the masculine scent of days-gone-by was bay rum. Ogallala brings back the iconic scent with a full line of bay rum scented grooming essentials. Embrace this classic aroma of adventurers with Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood Aftershave.

Back in the day, Ogallala, Nebraska was the heart of trail-riding, dusty, rowdy cowboys bringing their stock to market. After weeks on the trail, these guys were ready for a shave & a haircut. The scent of the day - bay rum. The Ogallala recipe went the way of the horse-and-buggy but has been revived by Genuine Ogallala.

Splash on this concoction post-shave for a skin-tightening, cleansing, soothing feel. Witch hazel, alcohol, water, and oils of bay & sandalwood are all you need for an exceptional finish to your routine. It's the Caribbean combined with a side trip to ancient Persia! You'll feel toned, refreshed, and utterly spoiled when you use it after shaving with Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood Shaving Soap. It's a combination that's just right for the man who appreciates a natural, woodsy fragrance with strong roots in tradition. If this sounds like you, then give it a try, or gift it to a male friend or relative who appreciates a classic aftershave.

Size: 4oz OR 8oz

Made in the USA

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: This product contains alcohol, which is potentially hazardous for shipping. We cannot ship it outside of the continental USA. If you are an international customer, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped. If you are a customer in the continental USA, your order will ship via ground regardless of the delivery option selected.

  • SKU: AS-OGA-003-P
  • Brand: Ogallala Bay Rum
  • Type: After Shave

Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood Aftershave

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