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Merkur's legacy in blade craftsmanship predates the very invention of the safety razor itself, with a history dating back to 1896. Over the years, they have earned a global reputation for excellence in men's grooming tools, showcasing their expertise in every sharp edge they produce. Among their esteemed offerings, the Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor stands as a timeless favorite.

Crafted in the image of traditional grooming essentials, the 33C features a chrome-plated, 3-piece double edge razor design. This chrome finish not only lends a sleek aesthetic but also provides resistance against corrosion, ensuring enduring durability and a lustrous shine. The razor's 3-piece construction allows for effortless blade changes: simply unscrew the handle to access the blade compartment, making it convenient to maintain a fresh shave with minimal effort. With a handle length of approximately 3 inches and textured knurling for a secure grip, the 33C offers both comfort and control, making it an ideal choice for newcomers to wet shaving as well as seasoned veterans seeking a close and comfortable shave.

Length: 3.3 inches

Weight: 57 grams

Made in Germany

  • SKU: RZ-MER-33C
  • Brand: Merkur
  • Type: Safety Razor

Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor

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