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  • Designed by Charcoal Goods exclusively for WCS
    • Choose a Baseplate & Cap or Baseplate only
    • Economical price, Luxury design
    • Mild/Mid aggression

    West Coast Shaving is coming out with 3 new safety razor heads, each of which uses the same top cap design. Our goal was simple: To make the best budget razor head - period. The razors were designed by Charcoal Goods exclusively for WCS. Like the GEM razors of old, the top cap has a pre-defined "sweet spot" to help guide new shavers to the right angle.

    The first head in the series, Lithe, is a mild/mid aggressive model - perfect for new wet shavers and those on the hunt for an easy daily driver. It fits all double edge razor blades.

    WCS is all about giving you choices to hone in on the shave that is just right for you. Pair this safety razor head with any number of handles to create your perfect grooming tool. Check out the other heads, Brawny & Toothsome. With WCS, premium is standard.

  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Safety Razor Handles and Heads

WCS Lithe Safety Razor Head Designed by Charcoal Goods

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