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For aficionados of traditional wet shaving, Omega's Black Handle Boar Shaving Brush stands as a testament to quality and heritage. Since 1931, Omega has been synonymous with excellence in grooming requisites, and their expertise in brush-making extends across various domains, from painting to shaving. Crafted with care and precision in Italy, this classic boar brush embodies the essence of traditional wet shaving rituals.

Designed for both efficacy and affordability, this shaving brush is loaded with boar hair known for its firm backbone, enabling the creation of rich, voluminous lather essential for a smooth and comfortable shave. The sleek black handle adds a touch of sophistication to the brush, making it a timeless addition to any shaving collection. Whether you're a seasoned wet shaver or embarking on your grooming journey, Omega's Black Handle Boar Shaving Brush offers unbeatable value and performance.

Height: 93 mm

Loft: 46 mm

Knot: 21 mm

Dimensions are approximate.

Made in Italy

  • SKU: SB-OME-13522
  • Brand: Omega
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Omega 13522 Banded Boar Shaving Brush

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