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Semogue has solidified its reputation as a premier manufacturer of boar brushes, and their offering here stands as one of the finest on the market. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, both the bristles and handle of this brush represent the pinnacle of Semogue's product line, promising to surpass your expectations with their quality and performance. The handle, designed for optimal functionality, offers a comfortable grip that accommodates a variety of hand sizes, while its extended length ensures that lather remains contained, preventing any unwanted residue on your fingers during use.

Hailing from Portugal, this brush embodies the heritage and craftsmanship for which Semogue is renowned. Each component is carefully crafted to uphold the brand's commitment to excellence, making it a standout choice for wet shaving enthusiasts seeking superior performance and durability. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the world of traditional shaving, Semogue's boar brush is sure to elevate your grooming experience to new heights.

Overall height :115 mm

Bristle loft :55 mm

Knot diameter :24 mm

Hair type : Premium Boar Handle 

Material : Resin (Taj)


Made in Portugal

  • Brand: Semogue
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Semogue Premium Boar Taj Handle Shaving Brush

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6 reviews

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