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  • Exceptional quality shaving soap
  • Sandalwood scented
  • In a reusable bowl

One of the great things about high quality products is that they are oftentimes reusable. The Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Sandalwood uses essential oils to produce the fragrance, which goes a long way toward making certain that it doesn't smell cheap and sharp. It smells subtle, elegant, gentlemanly, and slightly woodsy making it a good choice for people who really like to do things the old-fashioned way.

Products such as these can make grooming a lot easier for men who have trouble with sensitive skin or other issues. Because many of the products that are used for grooming by men who really care about the quality of their experience do require maintenance, be sure you take a look at some of the supplies we have available for that purpose. For example, using this product with a straight razor can give you an incredibly close result, if only you use a strop to keep the edge keen and to ensure that you are not dragging chipped, folded, and otherwise damaged steel across your face. Take the time, and you will be very happy with the results, and you'll look great!

Size: 3.5 oz / 100 g

Made in England

  • SKU: SS-TAY-01050
  • Brand: Taylor of Old Bond Street
  • Type: Shaving Soap

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap in Bowl, Sandalwood

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