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West Coast Shaving is committed to providing high-quality yet affordable products to help both newcomers and seasoned wet shavers alike enjoy their shaving experience. The American Liberty CNC safety razor exemplifies this commitment, offering a precision-crafted tool perfect for both beginners and experienced users seeking a reliable shave.

Crafted from 316 unpolished stainless steel using CNC machining technology, this classic three-piece double edge razor ensures consistent and exacting specifications for optimal performance. The razor features a beautifully cut handle adorned with stars and stripes, paying homage to the American flag while providing enhanced grip during shaving. Designed by Charcoal Goods, the razor head boasts exceptional geometry to deliver a mild yet efficient shave, while the matte finish of both the head and handle adds to its aesthetic appeal. With the West Coast Shaving logo laser-etched on the bottom of the base plate, users can trust in the quality and performance of this meticulously designed safety razor.

Weight of Handle: 80g

Weight of Razor: 112g

Length of Handle: 89mm

Blade Gap: 1.5mm

  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Safety Razor

WCS American Liberty CNC Safety Razor

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