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    • High quality razor handle
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    • Textured Handle
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    Since 2007, West Coast Shaving has been meeting the grooming needs of discerning men with luxurious, hard to find, and bestselling items. We are passionate about seeing a return to classic men's shaving, which is more economical, effective, and enjoyable than many of men's modern grooming practices. So, we're at it again, adding more choices to your grooming wish list. If you love wet shaving, tradition, and good workmanship, then check out these stainless steel safety razors to enhance your classic shaving game. Check out West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor Handles.

    This textured handle is constructed with solid 303 stainless steel so it is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and gleaming. The curving and knurling on this handle are like the knobs or knuckles on a bamboo shoot. It helps you keep a firm grip on your grooming utensil. Grab this handle today and pair it with your favorite DE head. (The handle is compatible with most standard 3-piece, DE safety razors).

    We are so passionate about getting these classic tools into the hands of everyone that we've created a high-quality, razor-to-last-a-lifetime at an economical price point. Viva La West Coast Shaving!

    Lovely, well-balanced and effective, it is subtly etched with WCS on the bottom!

    (One handle only, head sold separately)



    WCS Handle 110S

    Height-3" Weight-110g

    WCS Handle 84S

    Height-3.3" Weight-84g

    WCS Handle 88S

    Height-3.75" Weight-88g

    WCS Handle 77S

    Height-3.85 Weight-77g

    WCS Handle 175S

    Height-4" Weight-175g

    WCS Handle 78S

    Height-almost4" Weight-78g

    WCS Handle 79S

    Height-almost4" Weight-79g

  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Safety Razor Handles and Heads

WCS Classic Collection Stainless Steel Razor Handles

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