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    • Shaving brush
    • Silvertip badger hair
    • Two-tone handle in black & grey

    West Coast Shaving is at it again! We're bringing you exceptional men's grooming products at a reasonable price. Check out our new line of two-toned shaving brushes loaded with silvertip or synthetic hair.

    This brush boasts a top-of-the-line silvertip loft. Silvertip badger hair is often considered the creme de la creme of shaving brush hair because of its exceptional water retention, soft tips, and firm backbone. All of those attributes add up to a tool that creates a phenomenal lather.

    This tall handle is great for mug/bowl latherers, but it work really well for those who like to face or palm lather too. It feels great in your hand with a nicely balanced weight. The black/grey color scheme is excellent for those with a modern, masculine decor, or maybe just for those who love dramatic black.

    This fits snugly by the knot in our WCS stands with a 30mm opening, like WCS Stand 313, 30mm, Black or WCS Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome.


    • Weight: 115g
    • Knot: 26mm
    • Loft: 56mm
    • Handle Height: 75mm
    • Total Height: 131mm

  • SKU: SB-WCS-203
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Brush

WCS Two-Tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush, Grey & Black

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