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  • West Coast Shaving safety razor for women
  • Slanted Head Geometry
  • Closer Smoother Shave, Less Skin Irritation & Razor Burn
  • Less Environment Waste & Less Expensive
  • Ergonomic Silicon Wrapped Long Handle with Multiple Color Options

West Coast Shaving has always been about creating a space for those who love classic shaving. So, we're stoked to see many women embracing the wet shave. To that end, we've launched a line of products aimed at the needs of women shavers.

This double-edge safety razor for women is an efficient, elegant, and enjoyable tool. With its silicone handle, you can get a grip - even in wet environments like the shower or bath. You can choose the color that works for you. Get classic ivory, sweet blush pink, or luscious mocha to reflect your decor or your attitude.

We've paired this safety razor handle with our Lithe razor head. Designed for us by Charcoal Goods, this baseplate and cap attached to the handle to create an excellent, easy shave. The cap helps you navigate to the perfect angle for a smooth finish. It is a mild head designed to be forgiving - especially for the new shaver or in difficult spots (read: knees, pits, bikini area).


  • Double Edge, three-piece safety razor
  • Charcoal Goods Cap, Lithe Baseplate & Handle

  • SKU: RZ-WCS-W01-P
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Safety Razor

WCS Women's Silicone Safety Razor

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