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  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Best Badger Hair
  • Faux ivory handle

Longevity. Expertise. Quality. Simpson brushes have been building a reputation for these values since Alexander Simpson started making brushes in the East End of London in 1919. They survived re-locations, WWII, and more to continue to bring the world exceptional grooming essentials. Check out this popular M7 brush.

This Simpson's M7 brush is just classic. A timeless piece, this brush is one of Alexander Simpson's original designs that dates back to before 1919. It is loaded with Best Badger hair, a natural hair that produces an exceptional lather. Not quite as luxurious as the high end hair, this is a great natural hair brush.

The ultimate bowl lathering brush! Because of its taller silhouette, this brush has the advantage if you are into using a bowl or mug to whip up your lather. No more knuckle knocks or handle dings. The faux ivory look is classic and classy. You can't go wrong with this brush.

Color: Faux Ivory Total Height: 110mmBristle Loft: 60mmKnot Dia: 22mmHair: Best Badger

  • Brand: Simpson Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Simpson M7 Best Badger Shaving Brush, Ivory

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