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    • Combination razor/brush stand
    • Chrome-plated
    • Weighted base for stability

    A good brush/razor stand is an important investment in your wet shaving passion. Now that you've spent your hard-earned money on a great brush and razor, you need to maintain them. In a crazy paradox, this "wet" shaving gig isn't always great on your tools. It is important that your razor and brush are adequately dried between uses. And this combination razor/brush stand from West Coast Shaving is the perfect way to do it.

    West Coast Shaving 316 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome is a quality stand for displaying and drying your grooming essentials. It is chromed-plated for the requisite "bling" and corrosion resistance. The weighted base will keep it upright and the foam bottom will keep it in place. There is an arm for the razor and the brush on the same arm. This small footprint makes it perfect for sittings subtly on a vanity.

    If you are unsure about the measurements, please give our helpful customer service staff a ring. We'd be happy to help make sure it will work with your razor and brush.

  • SKU: OP-WCS-316
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Stand

WCS 316 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome

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