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  • Curated starter kit from West Coast Shaving

  • 4 items: razor/head, brush, soap, & blade sampler

  • Great to give as a gift

When you don't know where to start, let West Coast Shaving give you a hand. For years we've been committed to helping bring wet shaving to all. This kit contains all you need for a classic wet shave.

  • WCS Jojoba Shaving Cream, Pear-Brrr Shoppe, 4 oz¬†- Start with a fabulous, artisan shaving cream. It whips up a creamy lather with its vegan, jojoba oil base. It will protect your face and scent your shave with the icy pear goodness of a unique barbershop aroma.

  • WCS Lantern Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Ivory¬†- And whip up a fabulous cream with a fabulous brush. This synthetic badger hair brush is an excellent choice for shavers who are looking for an economical option that still mimics badger hair. This knot has great backbone and face feel but with synthetic maintenance and price point.

  • WCS Classic Collection Razor 77S, Stainless Steel¬†- This elegant razor is a classic, three-piece, double-edged safety razor. The handle is stainless, steel for a crisp, clean look and feel. It is a simple, curvy design that is just under 4" long. And it is paired with . . .

  • WCS Lithe Safety Razor Head Designed by Charcoal Goods¬†- If you want a efficient, mild blade that is designed for a close, comfortable shave, then you will love this head. It was engineered by Charcoal Goods to help new shaves find the right angle for the perfect shave.

  • DE Blade Sampler Pack, Ladies Choice¬†- And load your razor with DE blades designed to focus on glide. This sample pack contains boxes (5-10 blades each) of bestselling blades¬†from Personna, Astra, Gillette and Wilkinson.

  • SKU: KT-WCS-130
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Wet Shaving Kits

WCS Shaving Kit for Women

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