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    • Beautiful & functional stand from West Coast Shaving
    • Brass construction, chrome-plated
    • 4 sided (2 razors, 2 brushes)

    At West Coast Shaving, we understand your shaving acquisition disorder and we're here to help. No, silly, not help you cut down on your purchases -- help finding a place for everything to go. . . so you can get more! Try out our 4 sided stand. West Coast Shaving Stand 251 can hold two brushes and two razors with just a small footprint.

    Constructed of brass with chrome-plating, this gleaming stand will make the perfect addition to any shaving den. So, clear off some space on the vanity with this beauty. And keep your tools in tip-top-shape by drying and storing them correctly. Don't toss them in a drawer or dopp kit, instead hang them prominently with this handy helper.

    The stand holds two razors and two brushes to keep you in the game. If you like to rotate your shaving stock, then this is the perfect addition. Beautiful and functional, this stand will up your shaving game (and your "husband game", if it keeps the vanity uncluttered!).

    Try West Coast Shaving Stand 251.

  • SKU: OP-WCS-251
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Stand

WCS Stand 251

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