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Yaqi offers traditional shaving brushes crafted with two-band badger hair and a Moka handle, combining quality and affordability in one exceptional design. As a Chinese brand gaining traction in the wet shaving community, Yaqi products are renowned for their high quality, rock-bottom prices, and thoughtful design, making them a perfect addition to your daily grooming routine. With a loft size of 55MM, handle height of 58MM, and widest diameter of the handle at 45MM, these brushes are designed to provide a comfortable and effective shaving experience.


Loft size:55MM (+/-1mm)

Handle height:58MM (+/-1mm)

Widest diameter of the handle: 45MM (+/-1mm)

  • SKU: SB-YAQ-050
  • Brand: Yaqi
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Yaqi Moka Express Shaving Brushes R1737-26

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