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This Col. Conk Chrome Shave Cup is really something. There's no better way to put it, seriously. It could fit with an ultra-modern shaving setup or with a very antique looking one equally well. Either way, it'll perform the way it should and you won't be sorry with how well it works.A good cup like this is designed so that it gets the best possible lather. There are many designs that can do that,this manufacturer has quite a few,but they all allow enough space to move the brush around and let the lather build up. The size of these products matters, particularly if you need it to accommodate a favorite cake. This one is a bit on the smaller side, so you'll want to keep that in mind. It is, however, 3"´è_ diameter inside, and that will fit the majority of cakes out there. This works just as well with cream, so you also have that option.2.7"´è_ tall, this chrome beauty is easy to clean, durable as it gets and is certain to make people look. Treat yourself to something cool. This is a high-end item from an excellent company that offers a lot of value for the money.

Inside diameter: 3"Inside depth: 1.9"Total height: 2.7"

  • SKU: OP-CON-917
  • Brand: Col. Conk
  • Type: Shaving Bowl

Col. Conk Chrome Shave Cup #917

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